Dropshipping Web App Development: 7 Things You’ll Need
09 May

Dropshipping Web App Development - A Complete Guide

Mahipal Nehra

What is a Dropshipping web application? To know more, Let’s explore the advantages, must-have features, and challenges you might face, and what are the steps to follow to develop your customized dropshipping web app as this is the right time to invest in this e-commerce industry

Dropshipping business is predicted to expand gradually as Market Data Forecast has stated that the current global market of dropshipping is $344.4 billion and is expected to reach $984.4 billion in 2029, at a rate of 23.4% CAGR. This is the right to invest in a dropshipping business and be your own boss.

In order to boost their business, companies can consider adopting dropshipping or developing a similar platform to offer to other businesses. A customised platform with updated technology can be created to suit your specific needs.

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However, before we proceed with this, it's important to explore the details of dropshipping and gain a better understanding of it. So, let’s get started!

What is a Dropshipping Web App?

Dropshipping Web App is software where an item that a seller has bought will be shipped directly from the wholesaler to the buyer. Mainly, the business involved in dropshipping focuses on product marketing and branding.

Dropshipping can be of two types: Custom products, and reselling.

Custom products- This involves products customised for a specific organization and selling them as rebranded products—for example, printable mugs, t-shirts, etc.

Reseller- Businesses collaborate with available suppliers in the market to sell products at a profit.

Advantages of Dropshipping Web App Development

The advantages of dropshipping web app make it a much easier business model compared to traditional business. Below are some benefits of dropshipping discussed.

Low Investment

The investment in dropshipping is low as it only requires an e-commerce website. There is no inventory nor the need to purchase any item is necessary.

Easy to Start

Starting a dropshipping business is easier as it eliminates the need for handling physical products, packing & shipping orders, warehouse management, overseeing returns, inventory tracking, and stock-level management.

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Dropshipping business only requires an internet connection, a laptop, and recurring expenses. It enables dropshippers to work from anywhere, without leaving their comfort.

Offer Better Business Opportunities

As this business idea does not demand inventory management, the funds can be used in other business activities like marketing, and product improvement which can ultimately increase the scalability.


You can sell countless products on the dropshipping website as there is no inventory limit or warehousing issues. The diversity in products can increase the reach of the businesses.

How Does a Dropshipping Web App Work?

The dropshipping Web App generally follows a specific sequence, which is as follows:

How Does a Dropshipping Web App Work?

Must-Have Features in Dropshipping Web App

Each business has unique features depending on its goals and approach. However, some of the must-have features to consider that can simplify work and enhance the efficiency of your business are mentioned below,

  • Shopping Cart

  • Payment Processing Method

  • Shipping & Delivery Options

  • Affiliate Programs

  • Tracking

  • Purchase Notification

  • Synchronizing Automation Inventory

Shopping Cart

A feature where a buyer can add and remove items similar to the physical store, however in dropshipping it is convenient as you can add and remove by just clicking on the plus (+) and minus (-) signs. Also, customers can buy different products and pay at once.

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Payment Processing Method

This feature allows your business to have a wide range of payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash on Delivery, Net banking, and E-Wallets. This ensures the convenience of the customers who can pay based on their preferences. Moreover, most customers wish to pay only after receiving the delivery.

Shipping & Delivery Options

This feature enables customers to select a suitable time frame for the delivery of their items. Additionally, you can enhance this feature by offering a fast delivery option that allows customers to receive their items earlier than the standard delivery time. Furthermore, some customers may want to send multiple items to different addresses, and having the ability to send specific items to separate locations would be a useful function.

Affiliate Programs

This feature allows your storefront to generate traffic by inviting individuals to register and share unique links. They get a commission if customers use their links to purchase. Moreover, you can build a separate dashboard to track their earnings and sales on your platform.

Tracking Automation

This feature improves the overall customer experience, which streamlines the ordering process and keeps your consumers informed by sending tracking information to the customers. Moreover, it handles the purchases and sends orders to the right supplier.

Purchase Notification

This feature allows dropshipper to be informed every time a purchase is made. Typically, an email or an SMS is sent containing the information about the purchase, the purchaser’s contact information, and the payment method.

Synchronizing Automation Inventory

With this feature, customers can know if the product is sold or soon will be sold out. This prevents overselling or items running out of stock for longer periods. Moreover, this allows dropshipper to manage products on different websites.

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How to Develop a Dropshipping Web App?

In Dropshipping, a business can focus on customer acquisition while minimizing operational costs. Read further, if you’re considering this as your business and interested in exploring the steps to develop a dropshipping web app.

How to Develop a Dropshipping Web App?

Step1- Plan

In the first step, you need to choose a dropshipping niche through market research and analysis with your aligned expertise and interests. Then a competitive analysis needs to be done to know about your competitors. This will help you obtain the information you need to consider while making your web app.

Step2- Find the right dropshipping suppliers

Selecting the right supplier is a crucial step in dropshipping, as it can affect your brand's reputation. The quality and shipping time of your products are directly influenced by your supplier. Therefore, choose wisely to ensure that your customers receive only the best products on time. Further are some steps to help you choose the right suppliers,

  • Checking the quality and variety of products

  • Supplier should ensure reliable shipping and delivery

  • Suppliers should offer good customer service ensuring a better experience

  • Integration with your dropshipping web app

Step3- Develop an online store

This step involves the tools and techniques to build your website, including

Picking a Domain name

This will help your website easily recognize and generate more traffic. A few tips can help you choose the right domain name that is

  • Keep it simple, easy to memorize, and easy to spell

  • Reflects the products you sell

  • Avoid using hyphens or any symbols to make it confusing

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Choose an easy-to-navigate, related to the niche, and accessible on all devices' user interface. Apart from the design, you should also consider including features such as a Shopping Cart, Payment Processing Method, Tracking, Purchase Notification, and Synchronizing Automation Inventory that make it easy for customers to find the most desired products faster.

Step4- Testing

By conducting a thorough testing process, we can guarantee that your web app is functioning flawlessly and is entirely free of errors and bugs. This step is crucial to ensure that your users have a seamless and enjoyable experience with your web app.

Step5- Marketing and other promotional activities

In this step, you can implement promotional and digital marketing strategies that will promote and boost the traffic on your website. These strategies involve social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Step6- Maintenance

This step includes the timely checkup of the web app to stay up-to-date and to ensure a seamless customer experience. Moreover, you can incorporate more advanced features depending on the current trends.

Challenges You Might Face while Dropshipping

Turning challenges into opportunities is key to businesses success. Here are a few common challenges faced by dropshippers:

  • Reliable suppliers

Finding reliable and trustworthy suppliers who provide high-quality products can be a daunting task. However, you can choose the right supplier by keeping a few things in mind. First, check out their product range to ensure they offer the products you need.

Second, find out how many warehouses they have to ensure they can meet your demands. Third, read customer reviews on their products to gauge their quality and reliability. Finally, ensure the supplier's business policies align with your needs.

  • Shipping delays and long hours

Since the supplier handles the shipping and not us, it is important to ensure that the supplier has clear and honest communication. However, dropshippers need to ensure that the suppliers have domestic and international warehouses to avoid delays and long hours of deliveries.

  • Sourcing high-quality products

One of the most common challenges faced by dropshippers is sourcing high-quality products. This is crucial to prevent losing customers and receiving bad reviews. To ensure product quality, dropshippers can ask for sample products and review them personally before selling them to customers. This helps to avoid any potential issues.

  • Customer product returns

It is tricky for dropshippers to handle customer product returns. However, to overcome this challenge you can reduce customer returns by clearly stating shipping and return policies.

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How Much Does a Dropshipping Web App Cost?

A dropshipping web app development cost can be between $10,000 to $50,000. It depends on the requirement.All the options we have explored until now have a cost associated with them. However, in the software industry, the price is determined based on the features, functionalities, and technology used. A dropshipping web application falls into a range of prices that is variable,


$100- $3,000


$10,000- $50,000


Considering the current situation, people are more attracted towards the online business. If you are interested in dropshipping and want your own web app. We can turn your dream of being a boss into reality. We can provide you with expert developers with years of experience here at Decipher Zone Technologies. Feel free to reach out to us.

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