Software Solutions for Manufacturing Industry
28 Jun

Software Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Mahipal Nehra

Software Solutions for Manufacturing Industry - What is Manufacturing Software, Types of Manufacturing Software, Benefits, Development Cost, and FAQs.

Technology has become an integral part of every industry, and manufacturing is no exception, primarily when it comes to investing and using manufacturing software for executing daily operations.

According to the Grand View Research report, the global market size of manufacturing software will grow at a CAGR of 12.9% and reach $37.94 billion between 2023-2030.

Needless to say, for better productivity and performance, having a manufacturing software solution for your business is critical. To help you out, this blog will entail everything you need to know about manufacturing software, including its types, benefits, cost, and so much more.

Software Development for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing software is an application program designed to manage and automate different processes such as performance tracking, accounting, production planning, material supply, order tracking, inventory management, etc. It also streamlines operations for manufacturers.

There are different types of manufacturing software that you can go for, namely:

  1. Custom ERP Software

  2. Manufacturing Execution Systems

  3. Monitoring Software

  4. Production Planning and Reporting Software

  5. Order & Inventory Management Software

  6. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management Software

  7. Multi-Channel Online Marketplace

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Custom ERP Software

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Software is built to integrate different business components while automating and managing manufacturing processes. It provides a single 360o view of real-time data. It helps with asset management, order management, process tracking, data centralization, material tracking, and lifecycle management. Customizing ERP software according to your business needs will give you the flexibility to improve in the future.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

These software systems gather real-time data about the product life cycle stages to help you lower the manufacturing time, follow regulatory compliance, improve supply chain visibility, monitor material movements, plan resources, schedule implementations, and provide a visual representation of workstations.

Monitoring Software

The monitoring software allows you to easily track production processes with real-time visibility into manufacturing and supply chain details.

It will also help in monitoring employees for team scheduling, workforce management, and planning. Put simply, monitoring software in the manufacturing industry will improve the overall quality and productivity of the operations while minimizing downtimes.

Production Planning and Reporting Software

It will allow you to transform your capacity planning, production operations, and workflow scheduling by using automation and predictive analytics for data-driven decisions.

By providing actionable insights, the production planning and reporting software will enhance task planning, improve productivity and operational efficiency, etc.

Order & Inventory Management Software: The order and inventory management software is specifically designed to help manufacturers track orders, manage processes, handle inventory and shipment, and minimize shortage.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management Software

Working in the manufacturing industry can be dangerous for your workers, vendors, and visitors. So, developing a health and safety management software that leverages machine learning to detect unsafe conditions beforehand and send alerts to avoid accidents and injuries.

Multi-Channel Online Marketplace

If manufacturers expand their reach to a wider audience to increase their sales, then multi-channel online marketplace software can be the solution for them.

It allows easy product listing, categorization, and selling with seamless payment gateways. Some of the features this software should have are inventory management, order management, a customer relationship portal, real-time dynamic pricing, multi-warehouse support, etc.

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Software Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Benefits of Manufacturing Software Solutions

Some of the major benefits of investing in manufacturing software solutions are:

  1. Effective Monitoring

  2. Better Production Planning

  3. Insightful Business Intelligence

  4. Reduce Cost

  5. Streamline Processes

  6. Better Product Quality

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Effective Monitoring

For every manufacturing business, it is essential to have a precise workflow as even the slightest change can lead to huge setbacks. And that’s where manufacturing software solutions come to play.

This software allows manufacturers to track and monitor machinery and process workflow to pinpoint even slight changes, allowing you to rectify the issue before it becomes a major problem.

Better Production Planning

With increasing customer demands for hyper-personalized products at minimum cost, it is now necessary to have a highly optimized process of production.

And using manufacturing software helps businesses to allocate internal company resources such as machinery and manpower to optimize processes effectively.

Insightful Business Intelligence

Another advantage of using manufacturing software is that it leverages technologies like IoT, machine learning, and AI to collect real-time data and process it to derive actionable insights.

The insight achieved then helps manufacturers in making informed decisions for employee and inventory management, and so on.

Reduce Cost

By providing a comprehensive administrative view to manufacturing businesses, manufacturing software can reduce time, resources, and cost through less waste, satisfied customers, and process improvement.

Streamline Processes

Manufacturing software allows you to automate and streamline processes that help to enhance the department's overall productivity and efficiency.

Better Product Quality

Apart from speeding up the manufacturing process, manufacturing software allows businesses to improve product quality by monitoring defects and errors and rectifying them before it causes further issues.

Manufacturing Software Development Cost

Developing a manufacturing software solution for your business can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $250,000. The variation in the development cost is due to the difference in software type, complexity, functionality, features, chosen cloud platform, tech stack, outsourcing region, hourly rates, and more.

To get the exact quote, you need to contact our experts, share your requirements, and discuss the required tools and technologies along with the total number of team members.

Our team at Decipher Zone will help you in developing quality software ensuring that it meets all your expectations yet remains under your budget. We also believe in keeping our clients involved with the development process, so you will have complete transparency and control over the software project.

FAQS: Software Development for Manufacturing Industry

What are the types of software used in manufacturing?

Custom ERP, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Workflow Monitoring, Production Planning and Reporting, Order & Inventory Management, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management, and Multi-Channel Online Marketplace are major types of manufacturing software.

What are the benefits of manufacturing software?

Some of the benefits that come with investing in manufacturing software are Effective Monitoring, Better Production Planning, Insightful Business Intelligence, Reduce Cost, Streamline Processes, and Better Product Quality.

How much does it cost to build manufacturing software?

Developing a manufacturing software solution for your business can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $250,000.

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